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    11/18/2011 4:27:09 PM Link 1 comment | Add comment

    The New Chipper

    The new wood and brush chipper went into service two months ago. Since then, your fine city crew has reduced over 250 dump truck loads of brush into more than 70 dump truck loads of usable mulch. Most of these loads have been delivered to and dumped at the homes of town residents. Some have been dumped on the town property off of Durand Drive and behind the school playground. If you want some of this, it is there for the taking.

    Each load which we deliver to you saves the town money. Before the chipper went into service, each dump truck load of brush was hauled to the city property, four miles down Lula Lake Road, and dumped. We are saving about $2000 a month with our new process and you can help by calling city hall at 706-820-1586 if you would like a load.

    We will get it to you as quickly as possible, usually in a few days. And, you are helping with our committment to recycle and be good environmentalists.

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