Minutes of the


of the

City Council of Lookout Mountain, Georgia

September 16, 2010


PRESIDING:  William P. Glascock, Mayor


PRESENT:  Council Members David Bennett, Sandy Gothard, Catherine Kelley, David Fussell, and Blair Ramey; City Attorney Bill Pickering; and City Clerk Cindy Roberts.


CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Glascock called the meeting of the City Council to order at 5:30 p.m. September 16, 2010, at City Hall, 1214 Lula Lake Road, Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  David Fussell opened the meeting with a prayer.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the regular meeting held August 19, 2010, were approved as submitted. 


FERNE MCDOWELL – 209 WENDY TRAIL – BUSINESS LICENSE – BOOKKEEPING AND TAXES    Ms McDowell presented her application for a license to run her Bookkeeping and Tax Business out of her home located at 209 Wendy Trail.  Mr Pickering advised that Ms. McDowell’s business would be consistent with the types of business allowed as home occupations and could be permitted.  The council unanimously passed a motion to grant Ms McDowell’s application for a license to conduct business out of her home on 209 Wendy Trail.


BLAIR RAMEY – JOINT RECREATION BOARD – Councilman Blair Ramey made a recommendation that the Council confirm the appointments of Angie Sutherland as of March 2010, Josh Ingle as of May 09, Jimmy Sutter as of May 09, Blair Ramey as of January 2010 and Kyle Eiselstein as of August 2010, to the Lookout Mountain Recreation Board.  The Council unanimously approved Mr. Ramey’s recommendation.  Mr. Ramey also advised that Marshall Brock was being appointed to the Board by the Soccer Association.  This appointment requires no action by the Council.   


MILLAGE RATE – City Attorney William Pickering read in its entirety the ordinance to set the Millage Rate for the 2010 tax year.  The net millage rate will remain at 8.5 mils. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously passed, the ordinance was approved on the first reading.  The second reading will take place at the regular meeting held in October.  The Millage Rate and a five year history have been advertised in the Walker County Messenger.  New tax bills are set to go out in October 2010.




SEWER PUMP – As of this morning the City has handed over the responsibility and management of odor control to Covenant College on their own system.  The city will oversee the Covenant system but will not manage it. 


The Krupski Loop project is being rebid with construction expected to begin in November.  ARC has advised that we must move ahead with the project despite winter weather conditions.


LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN CONSERVANCY – ROBYN CARLTONMayor Glascock introduced Robyn Carlton to the City Council and all present.  Robyn introduced Nick Thomas, as the project manager and together they presented a slide show that included wonderful photographs demonstrating the beauty that is abundant on Lookout Mountain.  The Conservancy shared plans to extend the River Walk up the side of Lookout Mountain and to eventually connect to the property just below Covenant College. The Conservancy also shared with the council that drawings are being prepared to include a paved bike trail, picnic areas and an outside theater that will be located near Point Park.


The Conservancy is working very hard to achieve their goals to preserve a corridor that will connect the Lawrence-Howell land to the Lula Lake Land Trust, Cloudland Canyon and beyond.  


The 90-acre swath of wooded mountainside is thick with tree sized wild azaleas and laurel.  It will be designated a public urban wilderness area.  The land provides several creeks and deep ravines for exploring.


Visiting the web site is recommended www.lookoutmountainconservancy.org


MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Glascock submitted a rough draft of a new site plan for the new City Hall.   Mayor Glascock informed the council that a property swap is back on the table with Scott Maclellan and the City.  The proposal would include City’s bearing the cost of tearing down the existing buildings along with foundations and removal of the rock on the south side of the garage to the elevation of the garage.  However, if removal of the rock turns out to be too expensive, the City will have the option to cancel this agreement and walk away.


The formation of an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was discussed by the council.  Recommendations were made that include: Andy Smith, Rob Vannoy, Tony Townes, Dan Robinson, Mike McGowan, David DeVaney, and someone to represent Scott Maclellan.  The committee would be formed as a design board to donate time and materials to create a proposed site plan and elevation for a New Town Center. The plans would then be submitted to the Municipal Planning Commission for review and approval.  Mayor Glascock plans on contacting each person and talking to them about forming the ARC for the City of Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Members of the ARC would not be permitted to bid on the New Town Center.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



                                                            Cindy Roberts

                                                            City Clerk




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