Minutes of the REGULAR MEETING of the City Council of Lookout Mountain, Georgia - August 19, 2010

PRESIDING: William P. Glascock, Mayor

PRESENT: Council Members David Bennett, Sandy Gothard, Catherine Kelley, City Attorney Bill Pickering and City Clerk Cindy Roberts.

ABSENT: David Fussell, and Blair Ramey

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Glascock called the meeting of the City Council to order at 5:30 p.m. August 19, 2010, at City Hall, 1214 Lula Lake Road, Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Mayor Glascock opened the meeting with a prayer.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the regular meeting held July 22, 2010, were approved as submitted. The minutes of the special meeting held April 29, 2010 were also approved as submitted.

SIDEWALK UPDATE - Mayor Glascock announced that the City would be holding a sidewalk fund raiser to be called the "Pathway Soiree." The event is intended to take place in February 2011 and be held at the Fairyland Club. This event will allow Lookout Mountain residents an opportunity to get involved with the completion of the sidewalk and in making a safe place for the community to walk on Lula Lake Road.

CITY HALL PLAN DISCUSSION: Mayor Glascock announced that the city council should consider establishing an architectural review committee (ARC). The ARC would make suggestions to the Planning Commission and help in setting standards for the new zoning ordinance that would be in place for the new Town Center. Discussions with Scott Maclellan are very positive, and we are moving forward in reaching an agreement. Mayor Glascock asked the Council members to submit two names each by the next regular meeting scheduled for September 16th in order to form the body of the new ARC.

STOP SIGN ROCK CITY TRAIL AND CINDERELLA - The council unanimously passed a motion for a stop sign at the intersection of Cinderella Road and Rock City Trail. The issue of safety at this intersection was brought to the council's attention at the July council meeting by Cinderella resident Britt Oehmig. Included in the changes are making the stretch of Rock City Trail from Elfin Road down to Cinderella Road two-way from its current one-way traffic flow.

MILLAGE RATE - City Attorney William Pickering advised the Council that the ordinance setting this year's Millage Rate should be considered on first reading at the September regular meeting and the second reading would take place at the regular meeting held in October. The proposed Millage Rate and a five year history will be advertised in the Walker County Messenger in advance of the September meeting.


SEWER PUMP - The Chickamauga Trail pump station is in need of an additional bioxide station and a fan forced carbon scrubber for the wet well at the pump station.

ODOR CONTROL INJESTION STATION - This issue was moved to the top of the agenda. Present to discuss the problems were Barbara Howell and Mary Minor Brown. They have informed the Mayor personally of odors caused by aqueous sulfide. The Mayor and City Sewer Department have been focusing on a solution for the aqueous sulfide problems. The installation of a charcoal filter system for venting could cost around $20,000. The new equipment would help in detecting levels in order to control the aqueous sulfide problem. The sewer department is injecting 35 gallons of bioxide a day. The Mayor and City Sewer Department will continue to work on a solution to the problem.

MAYOR'S REPORT - The Mayor will be welcoming the new students of Covenant College Saturday, August 21, 2010. The Mayor announced that the students of Covenant College will be volunteering their services in combing streams for storm water purposes.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Roberts
City Clerk

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