PRESIDING:  William P. Glascock, Mayor

PRESENT:  Council Members David Bennett, David Fussell, Sandy Gothard, Blair Ramey, City Attorney Bill Pickering, and City Clerk Cindy Roberts. 

CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Glascock called the meeting of the City Council to order at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 1214 Lula Lake Road, Lookout Mountain, Georgia. 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the regular meeting held January 21, 2010 will be submitted for approval March 18,2010.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the regular meeting held February 18, 2010 will be submitted for approval March 18, 2010

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN PROCESS – Mayor Glascock stated that the last meeting with the Planning Commission revealed key issues that must be addressed within the Steering Committees, before holding a joint meeting with the Steering Committee and the Planning Commission and going before the City Council. Sandy Gothard stated he would like to have meaningful public meetings, but, also feels reviewing the Comprehensive Plan with Phil Walker to form a better understanding of the plan would help in answering questions at a public meeting.  Sandy also feel one of the major issues that should be addressed first are the variables in constructing and designing the Town Center.

TOWN CENTER UPDATE – Mayor Glascock informed the Council that progress is being made on the town Center.   The Mayor informed the Council that there are still issues to be resolved.  About 50% more dirt is needed before sod can be laid.   Ms. Kelley met with Bill Scott of William Scott Landscaping and has obtain a bid for sodding or seeding the vacant lot out front in order to clean up the site.  She will obtain two more bids and present to the Council at a later date. Mayor Glascock informed the Council the cost will be in the 8,000 – 12,000 dollar range and we are still waiting for the third bid.

FLINSTONE SEWER SYSTEM-  The Mayor informed the Council that all documents have been turned in now for the GEFA grant and that the estoppel letters are being drafted by the attorneys and will be presented to the residents of the Flintstone subdivision.  Mayor Glascock met with the owners of Krupski Loop, Troy Dougle, Dade County, Covenant College, Cory Depree, Doug Anderton and feels very positive the residents will sign the estoppel letter in order to move forward in repairing the sewer system.  Mayor Glascock felt the Grant funding for this project will be approved in late March.    Mayor Glascock  also feels we can receive bidding  and break ground in 4 months.   Mayor Glascock also states that our Sewer System is very fragile and describes the latest events that took place in a descriptive scenario which places tremendous amounts of pressure on the operating pumps.

SIDEWALKS UPDATE– The biggest decisions to be made at this time would be the 4’, 6’, or 8’ sidewalks using curbs, gutters, etc., and removal of present landscaping.  The estimated quotes for 4’ sidewalks to the state line would be under $200,000 dollars, 6’ sidewalks would run around $300,000 dollars and 8’ sidewalks would run around $400,000 dollars.  Each section would be evaluated case by case and house by house in dealing with issues.  Some areas would require hardy curbs and gutters in dealing with storm water run off.  Bill Pickering advised it would be wise to consult Catherine Fox on the guttering of the sidewalks.  Mayor Glascock feels safety is a major concern with the residents of the Mountain.  It was also discussed a fund raiser may benefit in moving this project forward.  It was also suggested that researching Grant possibility to fund the sidewalks.   It was also suggested that the sidewalk size accommodate the lay of the land. And to keep cost down eliminate the stone.

STORMWATER REPORT- Self explanatory.

MONTHLY FINANCIALS – David Fussell’s understanding and explaination of the Financial report was informative and educational.  David feels things are doing well and would like more understanding of the SPLOST fund and usage.  This will be added to the agenda.

POLICE REPORT –  David Bennett has been working closely with Wallace and has greater understanding of the workings of the Police Department.   He feels they are doing a wonderful job, and the residents of Lookout Mountain, Georgia are very  blessed to have them.  


  • The Mayor officially appointed Cindy Roberts as the new City Clerk   He was very grateful for everything Dana Driver has contributed to the City.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.     

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Roberts
City Clerk

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