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City Permits

Sound Amplification Permit Application

Yard Sale Permit Application



2009 Comprehensive Plan

This plan is a large file and is available in three parts. Click on the links below for each of the three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Development Procedures, Fee Schedule, and Building Permit Application

Building Officials Guide to Construction or Development Projects

Minor Development Procedures

Major Development Procedures

City of Lookout Mountain Construction and Development Fee Schedule

City of Lookout Mountain Georgia Building Permit Application

Builders Guide to Low Impact Development



Golf Carts

Golf Cart Registration Form



House Check Form

This form notifies the Lookout Mountain Police Department to check on your house while you are away.

House Check Form



New Resident Package

The link below provides important resident information about brush, garbage, leaf, sewer services, etc. 




Sewer System 

Sewer Grinder Care and Use Guide

Sewer Billing Adjustment Form

NWUD Bank Draft Authorization Form



Vehicle Decal Application Form

These decals are made available in April of every year.  City Ordinance 88 and 255 requires that all residents purchase these decals annually.  The decals are to be placed upon the passenger side of the vehicles front and rear glass or the front and rear bumper.

2017 Vehicle Decal Application Form



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